Jaya Sarada

Jaya, also known as Jewels, grew up in Ojai, California.

Her mother, a seeker on the path of awakening, laid a strong, deeply rooted spiritual foundation for the family through the teachings of Theosophy and Krishnamurti. In adulthood, Jaya traveled to India on many occasions, learning the teaching of the vedas and living in ashrams

Jaya, a natural intuitive, began her studies in holistic healing and energy medicine in her early 20’s and has taught Touch for Health, Jin Shin Do and other healing modalities throughout the years.

Jaya also holds a masters degree in Trans-Personal Psychology, as well as numerous certificates in healing methods. Ms. Sarada is a successful Pathways of Light minister, offering sacred ministry and healing services.

In addition to this impressive academic and spiritual roster, Jaya is a respected and self-published author, penning a series of books including the well known “Awakening Your Chakras,” ”The Sacred Code of Love” — in which she channels Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus), and “Life Essence Awakening Process (L.E.A.P)” — a complete resource guide of energy medicine techniques, remedies and methods to assist you in restoring your system back to balance and harmony.

Her publishing company, Divine Light Gifts, prints and distributes spiritually inspired and originally designed greeting cards, chakra posters and yoga mats. Jaya’s Sacred Clearing and Communion Ceremony oils are also distributed through Divine Light Gifts.

Jaya is the director of Anjali Healing Center in Portland, Oregon,

Jaya Sarada, Energy Healer, Minister and Spiritual Guide
Stay Here. Here is Your Monastary, Your Ashram, Your Temple, Your Home, Your Self
— Mooji