Jaya Sarada

A little bit about me........

I offer you my heart and light as a guide to your true self.

I have deeply studied the energy anatomy of the soul,  seeking ways to alleviate the suffering of this world.  I have extensive education, numerous certifications in healing modalities and have spent most of my time here on earth as a student of life. In my spare time I have written several books on my  understanding of energy and consciousness. I am only here for God.  I know this to be my truest path.

My studies have taken around the world, and I have been blessed to live in some of the most sacred and beautiful places. I consider India to be my true spiritual home.  

I am greatly blessed to have had a mother who I consider  to be a saint;  the foundation of my life and work.  I have two beautiful and talented daughters, and I am so honored they choose me to be Mom.  

My calling has inspired me to open three healing centers, Luminous in Depoe Bay, Oregon, Anjali Healing Center, Portland and Divine Light Ocean Retreat, Gleneden Beach. It is an honor to be able to offer environments that nurture love and Truth for my fellow beings. 

My work is deeply is founded in service to God and service to the awakening of all beings.

I offer you my services on the altar of the Divine, adorned with candle of eternal light, a flowering lotus, and a deep prayer for your peace and well being.  I offer my heart of great love and sincere intention to assist you on your path. 

With great love and blessings, 

Jaya Sarada




Letting go is living your life as a prayer for god

The inner temple of your heart is where the Divine is felt and is experienced as a great force that heals your soul and restores your being to innocence.  Your wisdom heart realizes that your mind, along with it’s patterns of thought, is the obstacle that prevents you from awakening to your true self.  
— The Sacred Path of Peace - Keys to the Kingdom