Spiritual Body Work and Sacred Energy Session with Jaya Sarada


Please read the following and fill out the questionnaire below to request a healing session.


 For more serious work with Jaya, she offers a 90 minute session which includes an in-depth opening Sacred dialogue, and closing Soul Affirmation.

Sessions with Jaya reveal deep insights as to the core nature of imbalances in the Body, Mind and Spirit. Jaya, who is deeply trained in energy medicine and energy testing will pinpoint imbalances in the energy fields. Through energy testing and sacred dialogue, Jaya will facilitate healing and transformation on the core levels. Her testing reveals hidden traumas in the energy fields that include discordant beliefs, disturbing emotions, reactive patterns, toxic relationships, dis-empowering experiences, ancestral patterns, karma, Soul loss and past life influences.

Each session will also focus on clearing the gain or self-punishment programs that is received from holding onto self defeating patterns. Sessions begin with a Soul Dialogue, stating the nature of your healing intention. Through dialogue and clearing we create a unique Soul Affirmation that will be shed light into your soul’s gifts. Your affirmation will then become your unique “I Am Statement.”

Jaya will use energy testing, breathing and prayer to assist you to open Divine Channels of communion with your Sacred Source. Through releasing past memories and patterns of unworthiness, eventually your Soul Affirmation will resonate with all aspects of your energy field and you will say "Yes" to your Divine Potential. This “Yes will be the beginning of healing any sense of separation from your Divine Source and you will return to the Light Being you have always been.

Sessions are offered with great love and attention along with Sacred Anointing, Divine Guidance, The Forgiveness Process, Spiritual Body Work, and Deep Alignment along with applying the healing frequencies of Crystal Bowls, and Tuning Forks.

In-depth healing sessions offered at $177, which include a journal and her book "Living Meditations." They require scheduling directly with Jaya. Please complete and submit the following session questionnaire. You may request your session by emailing jaya@jayasarada.com or calling 971- 313- 2383. 


Healing Session Questionnaire and Booking

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