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Whidbey Island Divine Soul Meditation with Jaya Sarada

Join Jaya and friends for Divine Soul Meditation and Music. Location TBD. More specific details will be posted.

Divine Soul Meditation and Group Healing

During your experience you are invited to surrender the layers of your personal identity and experience something within you that is unknown, untouched and ready to burst with joy! We are clouded by the illusion of time and the experience of separation from our sacred source. But, in truth did we not come in to being with the Breath of God?

It appears that in our illusion of separation we spend our lifetime seeking a self-identity through thought. Can we inquire and see that most self-seeking is based on thought and has led to sorrow in some form or another?

At some point we leave this life with the same breath that we were given at birth. The Breath of God coming in and the Breath of God releasing out. During these two breaths we experience our life in time, the story of me and the sorrow from mis-identity. But deeper within our sacred heart lives our eternal soul that has never been afflicted by the sorrows of the world; it is simply the pain of our ego that suffers, not our true nature.

Our Soul is cloaked by the light and protection of God. This most Holy light has filtered out the toxins from the human condition, so that only goodness can touch our Soul and only the frequencies of God remain. As an innocent being of light, our true essence is unbound by thought and all our conditions, we are in truth free.

Divine Soul Awakening is a process in which you give your Soul the attention it needs so it may reveal its most magnificent essence. This workshop is an exploration of the unknown mystery of our being.

A time to be in wonder, to journal, to meditate, to move in the frequencies of the Divine. There will be Divine transmission and inspired guidance offered throughout our time together.

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