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Divine Soul Awakening Meditation

  • New Rennnaisance 1338 NW 23rd AVE (map)

Welcome to an Energy Ascension Experience! So much of our experience is created by thought. In our busy daily life, we rarely stop and pay attention to our sacred energy, the essence of our higher self or Soul. In this evening meditation, the Divine welcomes you to enter the sacred space of your heart, where you will experience a deep release of the lower vibrations of the personal self. The personal self or ego nature of your being has simply separated from its Source, with the agenda of creating a self-identity that is based on thought. Divine Soul Meditation is an experience of your true nature, accompanied by the healing sounds of crystal bowls, breath-work and a surrender process for letting go of that which is ready to be released. There will be time offered for questions from Spirit and Divine Healing Transmissions.