Divine Light Healing and Guidance


Trinity Healing with God, myself and You 


Divine Light Healing and Guidance calls in the Holy Spirit to assist you in releasing subconscious patterns within your psychological  mind that keep you in the cycle of suffering.

We begin by directing your attention into the Sacred Temple of your heart where you will naturally feel at Peace and begin to let go of your thought processes. Through your inner rest, you naturally  awaken to what has always been present.  The real and vibrant you! 

Awakening to your true Divine essence will uncover what has never been damaged and will assist you to let  go of  family karmic patterns, along with the past conditioning that you in bondage. 

Our sacred time together will be devoted to unveiling the unknown, mystical nature of your being. It is this mystery of being that holds the key to your life purpose, your joy and ever-unfolding love.

These sessions offer you assistance to forgive yourself and others, to release the past, and to return to your origin of light.

Through Sacred Kinesiology, Prayer and Witnessing, we will uncover these patterns and we will work together with the trinity of healing to release the patterns from this life and beyond.  

I will guide you to open the portal to your deepest heart, where you will discover the innocent realm of being within you, which is untouched by all life experiences.  

This work is deeply clearing, resetting your energy to it's Divine Blueprint. 

Receive the joy of your true nature!