Sacred Works by Jaya

The Sacred Path to Peace by Jaya Sarada

New Book Release Coming  Januaray 2018

The Sacred Path to Peace


Sacred Kinesiology

the Keys to Radiant Well Being

To be well and vibrant on all levels, you must learn to look deep into the root cause of suffering. Well Being in Body, Mind and Spirit is loving all aspects of your being; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields, and becoming a great caretaker of your soul. This is a condensed version of Life Essence Awakening Process ( LEAP ) for those who would like to learn the method for a more personal use. Energy Fields, Kinesiology Methods and Vibrational Healing Methods are included.

"This book is a manual for energetic education and health. I am teacher of energy medicine and reference this frequently in my practice. Very illuminating."   David


The Sacred Code of Love - Communion with God

Divinely inspired transmissions that have been received by Jewels in a meditative, surrendered state to this most High and Holy Wisdom. These blessed messages are an invitation to activate The Sacred Code of Love within your heart and increase your soul’s capacity for greater love, wisdom and compassion on your life’s journey. Once, The Sacred Code of Love is awakened within your heart, the Self may be realized.

"The messages in this book have opened my heart- I love the interplay between the Advaita inspired passages and the heart centered devotional messages. A book of Truth. The messages have directed me to the Christ Consciousness within. Beautiful."  Noelle

Trust in Yourself 

Trust in Yourself guides you to the realization of your true nature. You are the master of your life and your true unchanging essence has always been present as the Divine witness of your life. Read more of this lovely book to assist you in true self realization.

"In this time it is more important than ever to discover who we really are- this book is a dear friend on our journey home- love to read it to my family."  Sarah


The Path of Return

The Path of Return in a journey to the realization of your true nature. You will find the divine love needed to overcome all obstacles along your way. The great spirit guide brings you the gifts of wisdom, discernment, and vigilance as you make the difficult passage way back to your soul's home. You will learn to see through the illusions of life to the truth, and to find peace that is unaffected by life's changes. The Journey Begins With You!

"It is evident by her writing style that she is deeply versed in non-dualistic teachings. It is a gentle but direct approach to awakening."  Rose

Living Meditations

Living Meditations will guide you to understand the wisdom and love of your true nature, revealing that deep inside thrives a divine being untouched by any your experiences. You will learn the art of acceptance of life, living in balance, beauty, compassion, courage and devotion and much more.

"A positive way to start each day, I read a passage every morning.  I helps me get into an open and connected place with spirit. Simple, Honest, Love"  Adriana


Awakening Your Chakras

Awakening Your Chakras is an exquisitely illustrated educational book, which teaches about your Chakras in your multi-dimensional energy fields. You will learn the traditional Vedic roots of the these energy centers and how to align as well as cleanse your Chakras through Pranayama, Mudras, yoga & chi exercises, guided visualization, affirmations, sound healing, tuning, essential oils and color therapy. The illustrations are hand drawn mandalas, which have Sanskrit symbols. 

"What I love about this book is that it is both educational and magical. It has very useful information on energy healing and is presented in a mystical but clear way. "  Natasha