Your Aura and Mental Field

The Healing Light of Inspiration

The mental field exists slightly beyond the emotional body. Mental energy comes through the crown center, the direct connection to our source.  This is the energy center that allows vibrations (impressions on the physical) of a higher nature to pour through.  The mental field is where our affirmations, the spoken word, our choices, healing thoughts, and clear decisions play an important part in our healing and wellness process.

 When there are patterns of imbalance in the mental field stemming from negative thinking we are more susceptible to illness.  This is because negative thinking breaks down our energy, allowing thoughts of a negative nature to influence our potential.  Our pure potential is nurtured by positive thoughts and our intentions for well-being. Our positive thoughts follow an upward vibration and negative thoughts create a downward motion of the mental field.

The mental field, when inspired from our higher or soul nature, expresses great beauty with moving iridescent light and color. Through the evolution of the intellect, the mental field becomes increasingly more radiant.

Truth, when perceived from our divine source is filtered from the spiritual to the mental field and then our mind becomes an instrument of our soul. Our thoughts, actions and perceptions from the higher mental field access the love and wisdom of the heart and the knowledge of the higher world.

Deepening awareness shows us how emotions and thoughts play an integral part in understanding the key to good health and well-being. Reflecting on the causes of illness and suffering we must consider the totality of our being and how all parts are interconnected. There are many ways to purify and enhance our body, emotions, mind, and spirit. When these fields communicate, integrate and create an upward mobility of consciousness, we experience a great vitality.

Suggestions for energy well being for your mental and emotional field:

When you find time to fall back into your natural state of beingness you experience a place of beginning, the zero point of being.  This empty space is where you can let go of accumulated mental energy.  Within your zero place of being, there is space, light, freedom and a direct connection to your divine source.  In your experience of this sacred place within you, your will soon find it to be your inner sanctuary that will all you to renew your Spirit. 

Take time to be still, in stillness you will know yourself, in stillness you will know God.

With great love, 

Jaya Sarada Energy Healing Practitioner and Minister, Oregon Coast