What Defines True Happiness?

We know we are happy when we have achieved a sense of peace, and when we are not so prone to reaction, frustration, and irritability. We seem to have gone through a genuine transformation where we no longer put all of our value in the temporary conditions of our life. We have turned our attention inward and we nourish our sacred being with the seeds of true happiness. This transformation is real love that we cultivate by disengaging from all the energies that do not contribute to our well-being. We simply decide to stop contributing to our own suffering and the suffering of others. Time becomes a precious commodity when we understand deeply that this life is very short and we dedicate our moments to be free from self-inflicted suffering.

Each day choose to watch for things that trigger you to blindly react. Take a deep breath and rest your eyes upon nature, allowing the peace of the beautiful earth to soothe your mind. Let yourself feel and acknowledge your emotions, but realize too that they are just passing by. A new moment will be born and a new day will emerge, each with another miraculous opportunity to breathe and be alive.

Excerpt and Inspiration from Sacred Kinesiology - The Keys to Radiant Well Being by Jaya Sarada

What Defines True Happiness