Keys to Mental Well Being

In the mental field, imbalances begin when the mind is not used constructively. The mind is like a piece of clay and needs to be molded and refined to become the most useful tool. When the mind is not directed properly, it is open to negative thinking habits that can result in illness and disharmony. The mind, when quiet, can be an instrument of beauty, perceiving spiritual truths of the universe. Through the quiet mind we have access to our higher nature, which holds the healing light and love, wisdom and compassion. The mind, when allowed to run unguided, expresses thoughts of a lower nature, directing the emotional level to anger, greed, desire, attachment, fear, envy and so forth.

When the mind is used as a witnessing tool, it is of great service on our journey, assisting us to stay centered , still and balanced through life’s changes. When the mind is mastered, unwanted thoughts no longer dictate our actions and the attention turns from outward things back to the silence of the heart.

By being in nature, expressing art, resting in silence, breathing, walking, meditating, witnessing and allowing, we guide our mind to its most helpful state. In the minds peaceful state, the world becomes a blessing, magical, helpful and place where the truth of God is experienced and where love thrives.