Your Aura and Emotional Field

In my last blog, I shared with you about the vital field and how to support your well-being.  The next level of the aura is the emotional field.

:: The Emotional Field ::

The emotional or astral field interpenetrates the etheric and is often seen as an aura of changing colors. As emotions, feelings and passions flow and change, so do the colors and shapes of the astral field. 

The emotional field can be viewed as the Sea of Emotions with water representing the uncontrollable nature of emotions. The biblical story of Jesus walking on the water (emotions) while rebuking the storm (mind) is an example of the kind of mastery he had over the aspects of emotions and mind that make up the lower self, the personality aspect of a human being. When we mistakenly identify the personality as our true self, we create a deep sense of separation from our source.

Between the etheric and the emotional field lies a protective sheath that prevents emotional energy from overwhelming the etheric. Injury to this sheath can be very dangerous and usually comes from emotional shock.  Since the etheric field is closely related to the emotional field, it is permeated at all times with emotions, which directly affect the physical state. When stress and emotional trauma enter our life, damage first appears in the etheric field, weakening the physical field and making it vulnerable to illness. When the emotional field is in harmony with the soul and moral and mental development is of a high order, the aura, a visual expression of the emotional field, becomes bright and luminous and extends out to eighteen inches or more.

When the emotional field expresses passions, emotions, and desires that are out of harmony with the soul, the aura becomes dark and murky, contracting to ten to twelve inches around the physical body. Highly developed beings display large auras, showing the high degree of spiritual development that makes them candidates for initiation. Initiations in various spiritual traditions are the gateways to the next level of spiritual development.
The emotional field has a direct stream of consciousness to the light of our spiritual being. Through feeling joy,  experiencing the stillness and beauty of creation, letting go the past, living in the now, and always moving forward with our life force, we can achieve a vibrant emotional body!

Next week, learn about the mental field and the art of inspiration!

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