Your Aura and Etheric Field

The word aura comes from the Greek word avra, meaning breeze. The aura is the sum total of the seven fields of human and divine nature. The spheres of energy surrounding the physical body progressively spiral outward forming strong energy fields. There are seven fields in the solar system, which relate to the seven fields of the human being. Our journey begins in a physical body – the vehicle to fully realize that within us lives a divine and eternal soul. Our inner being uses this vehicle to explore not only what it is to be human, but also what it is to be divine. Our physical and personality expressions come from the first four fields of consciousness: the physical, etheric, astral and mental. As we ascend past the limitations of our personal identity, we open the door to our true nature. 


The first band of energy that duplicates the physical and is called the etheric field. It is a fluid-like substance visible as a band of light around the physical, protecting and shielding it from outside negative influences. The etheric field is the framework on which the physical body is built and is the source of vital force. The etheric energies move in fine channels closely related to the nervous system, nourishing the entire field with prana, the life force. The electric energy of the health aura is seen as a luminous gray or violet mist that duplicates the physical field about a quarter of an inch from the skin. Another word for the health aura is ectoplasm, which is a term used to describe the etheric energy that constitutes the state between energy and matter. It determines our health as well as provides a protective force field which shields the field from negative influences. When the energy is strong the etheric field is smooth with streams of light emanating vertically from the physical field. When there is an imbalance in the system the rays will show signs of weakening and droop, reducing our ability to fight illness. The physical will then show signs of stress. 

Unused etheric field energy is discharged from the pores and creates the luminous force field or health aura. Many alternative practitioners can detect imbalances through the condition of the health aura before they affect the physical. When imbalances are detected, holistic and preventative methods are applied to sustain, support and offer healing to strengthen the physical system. 

The etheric field nurtures our blood, is the river of life and is a transmitter of a vast aggregate of energies and forces. This vital force is responsible for the right functioning of our five senses and is a potent receiver of impressions, bringing the life force to all systems of the physical body. 

The etheric field is an electromagnetic grid that weaves around the physical field. There are thousands of tiny nerves or nadis that cross each other throughout the field. These nadis are threads of life force that underlie every part of the body. Where they cross, especially along the spine, they form the chakras, which are energy gateways that can be described as wheels of light. The chakras are vital supports for the health of our multidimensional energy fields, affecting the way we feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


There are many ways to keep your etheric field well such as getting plenty of rest, walk, breathe, hug trees, be happy, eat well, get energy sessions and massages, let go of the past as it hinders all aspect of your energy and love life!  

Next, stay tuned for information on the emotional field and ways to have a happy and healthy emotional body. 

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