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Jaya is currently offering a free mp3 audio download of her book, The Sacred Code of Love and the E-book, Living Meditations.  

The Sacred Code of Love, CD, by Jaya Sarada

The Sacred Code of Love, Audio Meditation

This CD contains Divinely received messages by Jewels transmitted from Jeshua of Nazareth and Miriam of Magdala. Profound meditative messages of Truth upon a heavenly background overlay. A beautifully crafted CD with the bonus tracks of the songs, “Jaya Ram, Sita Ram,” and “Know You Are Love.” This CD offers Sacred Messages that will transform your Being and open the pathway to your Sacred Source of Light and Love.

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Living Meditations, E-Book

Download E-Book Here

Living Meditations will guide you to understand the wisdom and love of your true nature, revealing that deep inside thrives a divine being untouched by any your experiences. You will learn the art of acceptance of life, living in balance, beauty, compassion, courage and devotion and much more.