Main Gatherings

AdobeStock_68781317.jpegDivine Soul Empowerment with Jaya Sarada

Divine Soul Empowerment

Divine Soul Meditation is an experience of your true nature, accompanied by the healing sounds of crystal bowls, breath-work and a surrender process for letting go of that which is ready to be released.

In the workshop you will experience the activation of energies that have been dormant and learn to align your energy vertically through your Chakras. You will experience the activation of your inner core light and channel energy to reconnect with your highest Soul’s light.

Jaya Sarada Workshops and Classes Energy Healing

Sacred Energy Healing

Learn about your multi-dimensional energy fields and how to facilitate healing through Kinesiology, affirmations, energy clearing, frequency balancing, sound healing, Divine invocation, and affirmations.

Dive into The Healing Power of Your Heart- Learn how to clear, balance and expand your aura creating more light in your life through activating the sacred love of your heart. 

Learn the art of energy renewal through resting in your sacred heart. 
Release, Restore and Re calibrate Your Energy through healing touch, core light breathing, healing affirmations and energy flows.  

Energy Diagnosis : Learn how to do an energy diagnosis through the use of kinesiology and pendulum energy testing.

Receive an energy evaluation. 
Daily Sacred Energy Practice- Tuning Your Light Body- Learn daily energy tune up methods such as meridian tapping, chakra clearing, healing affirmations and more.  

Circle of Light Ministry

Circle of Light Ministry

These gatherings are intended to support those who are on a spiritual path. There will be monthly topics, guest teachers and enlightening videos.

As a Circle of Light Community we will come together, beginning with a meditation, sound healing and a question and answer period. Through inspired guidance, answers will be offered regarding your life questions. New ways of expansion and clearing of old patterns will be shared. There will be a discussion of energy alignment with your source, how to activate your energy and connect with your highest soul's potential.