Trinity Healing with God, myself and You 

Divine Light Healing and Guidance calls in the Holy Spirit to assist you to release subconscious patterns within your psychological  mind that keep you in the cycle of suffering. We begin by directing your attention into the Sacred Temple of your heart where experience your true essence of peace. Through your inner rest, you naturally  awaken to what has always been present.  The real and vibrant you! 

Our sacred time together will be devoted to unveiling the unknown, mystical nature of your being. It is this mystery of being that holds the key to your life purpose, your joy and ever-unfolding love. These sessions offer you assistance to forgive yourself and others, to release the past, and to return to your origin of light.

Akasha" meaning space or memory of nature, is the highest plane of  your consciousness that holds the records of your  soul.  In these sessions, Jaya will assist you to clear your Akashic records along with soul imprints or impressions that are blocking your  true  potential. 

Each session includes Crystal Healing Harmonics. Lemuria Tuning Forks and Holy Anointing Oils and Divine Messages from The Council of Light.

60 minute sessions- $  120.00