The Healing Power of the Heart

During a Sacred Energy Session, with Jaya Sarada, she will use energy testing to identify imbalances in your multidimensional energy field.  Whether you need healing for your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy body,  she will create pathways of light that will heal these imbalances.  Through a healing dialogue you will create your Soul affirmation and set the intention for your session. After creating a miracle map to your healing process, Jaya will assist you to let go of patterns that are blocking your soul’s potential and will guide you to realize your unique soul's gifts. Depending on the priority for your well being she will assist you in discovering what needs to be observed and healed with love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance. 

Divine Light Healing and Guidance is a multidimensional healing experience. During sessions with Jaya she offers many tools for your transformation such as spiritual touch, vibrational sound healing and sacred anointing. Her work is founded in deep devotion to God and the God within you.

$120 for 60 min