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Trinity Healing with God, myself and You 

Divine Light Healing and Guidance calls in the Holy Spirit to assist you to release subconscious patterns within your psychological  mind that keep you in the cycle of suffering. We begin by directing your attention into the Sacred Temple of your heart where experience your true essence of peace. Through your inner rest, you naturally  awaken to what has always been present.  The real and vibrant you! 

Our sacred time together will be devoted to unveiling the unknown, mystical nature of your being. It is this mystery of being that holds the key to your life purpose, your joy and ever-unfolding love. These sessions offer you assistance to forgive yourself and others, to release the past, and to return to your origin of light.

Akasha" meaning space or memory of nature, is the highest plane of  your consciousness that holds the records of your  soul.  In these sessions, Jaya will assist you to clear your Akashic records along with soul imprints or impressions that are blocking your  true  potential. 

Each session includes Crystal Healing Harmonics. Lemuria Tuning Forks and Holy Anointing Oils and Divine Messages from The Council of Light.

60 minute sessions- $  120.00


In the words of my clients


The Healing Power of the Heart

During a Sacred Energy Session, with Jaya Sarada, she will use energy testing to identify imbalances in your multidimensional energy field.  Whether you need healing for your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy body,  she will create pathways of light that will heal these imbalances.  Through a healing dialogue you will create your Soul affirmation and set the intention for your session. After creating a miracle map to your healing process, Jaya will assist you to let go of patterns that are blocking your soul’s potential and will guide you to realize your unique soul's gifts. Depending on the priority for your well being she will assist you in discovering what needs to be observed and healed with love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance. 

Divine Light Healing and Guidance is a multidimensional healing experience. During sessions with Jaya she offers many tools for your transformation such as spiritual touch, vibrational sound healing and sacred anointing. Her work is founded in deep devotion to God and the God within you.

$120 for 60 min


In the words of my clients

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Living in Heavens Embrace

Sacred Life Counseling will assist you to evolve in the love within you through forgiveness of the past and practicing the art of letting go. With the understanding you are a spiritual being in a human body,  you will learn how acceptance and compassion for your life’s journey brings you the peace you need to heal your life problems. Sacred Life Counseling sessions will help you release, resolve and restore your life force so you may experience the joy of your true nature. Jaya’s work is profoundly life changing as she focuses on the Healing Power of the Heart in all her sessions.

 Sacred Life Counseling offers you weekly sessions to support your life path.  See flyer for more information.


In the words of my clients


Intuitive Light Soul Readings



Jaya Sarada has been doing “Soul Readings” for over 3 decades. During a reading with Jaya she will begin by offering you an energy clearing, as she feels the cards will reflect a deeper clarity when your energy is balanced and in harmony with your hearts wishes. She will assist you in creating a unique soul affirmation and will use a variety of cards picked specifically for your Soul Reading.

Jaya will help you create a new blueprint for your life in which she calls your “miracle map” that will guide you to manifesting the life you envision and release the blocks that may be holding you back in your life.

Through prayer and invocation,  together we will create a sacred space for you to receive answers to your deepest life questions.

Questions about your daily life, your career, your love life and your health are welcomed as we call in your healing guides to support and bring more Divine light to your life. 

Readings are $60 for 30 min or $120 for 60 min.


Sound Healing and Divine Soul Meditation

When you enter sacred space with Jaya you will begin by deep relaxation and invocation to the Divine.  During the vibrational sound healing sessions with Jaya you will experience a variety of sound healing tools such as crystal bowls,  a crystal harp, crystal tuning fork, Lemuria  tuning  forks and more.  Each session will conclude with a guided Divine Soul Meditation what will be channeled from The Council of Light.

Groups of up to 6 people are welcomed.  


In the words of my clients


Jaya Sarada, Ordained Ministerial Counselor  offers Circle of light ministry Services and Sacred Celebrations.



Circle of Light Ministry services provides a beautiful and natural setting for your celebration of the miracle of Love. If requested, we offer many additions for your sacred ceremony  such as candlelight, music, flowers, incense,  ocean rituals, movement, ceremonies with Reiki, crystal bowls, drumming and more - all tailored to you! 

Jaya Sarada, Pathways of Light, Ordained Minister, will work with you and your vision to create the most glorious day of your life.

Estimated Prices
Ministerial fees: $250-$350+
Garden wedding: add $150+
Ocean wedding: add $150+

For more information, please contact Jaya here. 



Divine Light Ocean Retreat offers a magical and sacred setting for weddings and celebrations.   We also  have access to beautiful beaches, parks or we can arrange other venues on the Oregon Coast for your Sacred Celebration. 

Awakening Ceremonies, Full Moon Gatherings, Celebration of the Light Ceremonies, Children's Ceremonies, and Rites of Passages for all walks of life. 

*All pricing is estimated. Final event price will determined upon consultation.