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The introduction to this work is to understand what it means to be a Soul in a human body. The energetic anatomy of a soul is one that has within its blueprint an emotional, mental and spiritual body. These are the components of a soul’s vehicle.

At the beginning of awakening, one will become interested in seeing the truth of wholeness rather than identifying with the limited parts of one’s energy anatomy; the body, mind or emotions.

By Jaya Sarada

By Jaya Sarada

Within this human conditioning, we identify with the body as the nature of our self, or we believe our emotions or thoughts constitute our true reality. This misidentification is what causes fragmentation of our soul. Underneath all thought and emotion is the feeling body; our pure being that is in direct relationship to life.

Souls come and go in the world. is is a part of creation. All souls have within their heart a spark of God. In new incarnation, there is a light that is awakened within the heart. Each soul has the invitation to activate this light, but many choose not to awaken due to past life Karma. e pain from unhealed lifetimes is locked within the DNA of a soul, and must be felt for a soul to truly awaken. Within the core of most souls lives this unhealed pain caused by separation from their Divine source. e result is a deep feeling of unworthiness, a veiling of inner light. God will never extinguish this light in a soul. is most sacred light will never die as it was never born. It is the all-encompassing eternal light of God.

About Jaya's Healing Sessions


This work is very beneficial for those who are:

  • Seeking to understand their life purpose

  • Wishing to release the past and patterns 

  • Longing to heal deep core issues and to align their life with their Highest Truth

  • Anchoring in Divine Light in their heart and seek guidance on their journey 

  • Who wish to say “YES” to their true, Divine Potential!


 Jaya Sarada is an ordained minister through Pathways of Light as well as a practitioner and teacher of Sacred Energy Healing, an authentic healing work which has roots in ancient medicine

Sacred Energy Healing is a method in which she evaluates your body, mind and spirit energy systems to understand the priority for your healing journey. This energy analysis provides you with an energy map to your well being. Energy medicine methods are then suggested to bring balance, harmony, clearing, revitalization, inspiration and healing to all aspects of your life.  


"Love is the bridge between you and everything."


Jaya's sessions guide you to reconnect with your Divine Source and call in the fragmented parts of your being that have been lost due to life trauma. As a  spiritual counselor, she  offers "The Divine Flowering Process," a unique method for deep and profound transformation, healing, and self- realization.   She  offers her sessions remotely, or in person at at Luminous, Body, Mind and Spirit on the Oregon coast, or at Anjali Healing Center in Portland, Oregon. She is also available for to travel to your location.

Sacred Energy Healing and The Divine Flowering Process with Jaya will gift you with feeling transcended into Divine Light and deeply connected to your Source. You will experience an opening of your heart to a higher frequency of love, which awakens your energy bodies and blesses you with a greater peace, joy, and realization of truth in your life.


Jaya's gifts are spiritual healing and guidance. Her work is cultivating and nourishing the innate wisdom that is in all beings. so they may blossom into beauty, love, truth, compassion, joy and light.


Day Gatherings and Personal Retreats 


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Your Personal Retreat

Divine Light Ocean Retreat offers you sacred energy healing packages or simply a personal retreat with breakfast. We have day packages available as well for those who wish to book a session and have a lovely vegetarian lunch provided!


If you are interested in Upcoming Day Gatherings or Celebrations, please contact me. 

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"Let come what comes, let go what goes.

See what remains"