Chakra Course 101

Chakra Course 101

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Learn about your Chakras and take a journey through your multidimensional energy fields. The Chakras are whirling centers of vital energy and effect your body, mind and spirit. This Chakra Healing Course will teach you ways to balance your energy centers through nature, essential oils, crystals,, affirmations and yoga. This course includes the following:

  • 2 Part Chakra PDF Book

  • 2 Interactive Quizzes

  • Chakra Meditation and Affirmation Guide

  • Guided Chakra Meditation Video

  • 30 % OFF Energy Healing Educational Books by Jaya Sarada

I want to learn about my Chakras

Upon purchase your will receive the digital download of the video. You will also receive an email with your password to access the Chakra Course.