Sessions with Jaya

What should I expect?

Jaya Energy Healing Light Body

Session Overview

During our session we will spend some time in sacred dialogue about your life situation. I will ask you for your life intention, your healing quest or your deepest soul's questions. With a journal you will write your soul's affirmation. I use energy testing to assist you in determining where your intuitive essence needs to focus in order to clear energy so that you may reach your potential.

I will energy check the frequency of your body ( etheric field) your emotions and thoughts ( emotional and mental fields) and your spirit body ( causal or intuitive field).

I offer you powerful tools to change your life and energy. My work is guided by the Ascended Masters, The Council of Light, The Angelic Realm and your specific Soul Guide in which I channel unique messages for your evolutionary path.

Jaya Sarada Energy Healer

Session Intention

My sessions are focused on clearing energy so that you may manifest your dreams and create the reality you envision. I assist you in releasing ancestral patterns that keep you trapped in limitation.

During these powerful sessions, you will learn how to activate your "Light Body" so you may navigate through dimensions and learn the art of ascension to higher dimensions. Through guided meditations and chakra clearing you will experience the "Pathway to Your Heart" and learn to open the portal to this Holy Dimension. Within the sacred dimension of your heart, you will experience a soul renewal, re connection and tap the source of your inner joy and peace.

Sacred Energy Healing is a tool that evaluates your energy being and assists you in identifying weak streams of energy, energetic, emotional and mental trauma and reconnects you with the "Light of Your Soul."

Jaya Sarada Energy Healer Portland

Session Logistics

Due to the nature of my work, I prefer to do remote sessions. If you are interested in a Sacred Energy Healing or Vibrational Soul Healing I offer these on the coast or at Anjali Healing Center in Portland. I also offer them during my travels.

Remote Sessions Pricing

One hour $144 | 1/2 hour $77 | 15 minute $44

In Person Session Pricing

Cancellation policy:

24 hours cancellation but may reschedule depending on circumstance

Jaya Sarada Energy Healer Instructor, Advanced Energy Healing

Advanced Sessions for Advanced Souls and Practitioners

Jaya offers specific methods energy clearing and balancing for those in the healing arts or for those who are caretakers of others.

During these advanced sessions, Jaya will clear, revitalize and re calibrate your energy through energy testing, sound healing, point work, sacred oils and the breath. She will assist you in removing any interference or attachments that may have come into your field during your sessions.

$120 per hour