Hello, my name is Jaya Sarada. I have been a practitioner of the healing arts as well as a spiritual guide for many years. In addition to the many acts of service I provide, I have also had the pleasure of opening a healing and guidance center for all seekers of understanding and growth, called Anjali, Center for Divine Inspiration in Portland. I believe all people have the right to have a space to connect, heal and grow, regardless of financial situation, and that's exactly what the Anjali Center provides. 

In addition to my healing work, I have also authored several books on energy healing and spiritual awakening and have mentored many in the sacred healing arts. My latest books of which I co-authored with my daughter, Arielle Beauduy  are, "Awakening Your Chakras", and "The Sacred Code of Love". 

If your heart is ready to experience a more fulfilling spiritual experience, I invite you along on this journey with me. I am so honored and blessed to guide you on the path and to teach you the sacred keys of awakening that will help you reach your most divine potential. 




Higlighted testimonials

"Jaya is patient, very thorough and has a wide variety of knowledge and tools to help her clients be their very best and overcome any challenge. By using a synergistic blend of a vast array of healing, intuitive modalities she is able to personalize each treatment to best match exactly what the individual needs. She is a gift. " Client, Cassandra - Portland
"Jaya's session helped me reconnect to a lost vibrancy and strength that I once had. She assisted me in targeting patterns that have been recurring in my life for years, her guidance helped me release core beliefs that were keeping these pattern activated. I felt a tremendous shift in my mental, emotional and spiritual state which changed the way the I live my life today. Because of her assistance i have discovered a long lasting peace and serenity." Energy Medicine Student, Arya - Seattle

email Jaya at info@jayasarada.com

"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything and between the two my life moves."
― Nisargadatta Maharaj

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