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Inspirational Life Guidance to Manifest an Extraordinary Life


– Namaste Beloved –


Dear Sacred Souls,

In my work, I offer deep healing for your soul. I offer you a sacred time for you to commune with your Divine Source and help you to reconnect with your true Self.  

It is through Holy Grace, deep surrender and entering the sanctuary of your silent being, you meet that which has always been present, the witness, the beautiful, loving soul that you are.  In this meeting there is profound joy.  

I cant wait to guide you on your journey.


Akasha Healing Light Sessions

Experience Deep Peace, Relaxation, Pain-Relief and Re-connection with Your Soul

Energy Healing Special Special $2 a min

Sacred Energy Healing & Divine Light Guidance

$2 A MIN

Divine Light Ocean Retreat

Divine Light Ocean Retreats

Jaya's New Book Release, The Sacred Path of Peace

The Sacred Path of Peace, Keys to the Kingdom

The messages in this book are interwoven with quotes by  great spiritual teachers as well as  daily sacred practices to support your life path. 

The Sacred Path of Peace- Keys to the Kingdom will delight your soul with divine messages received by Jaya Sarada.


– Allow Grace to Carry You Home –


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– thoughtful loving words –

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Whoever brought me here, will have to take me home
— Rumi


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