The light that we all share is calling you. Calling you to turn inward and meet it. There are numerous ways to return to your true nature, I am one of them, a guide that escorts you to your true Self. This work I offer, however, is not my personal self that is trying to fix you. I am healing channel that assists to  clear and raise your frequency, so Divine Light freely flows through you into every aspect of your being and life.  As you turn to God, you naturally experience healing, revitalization, peace, love and well-being because these are qualities of your true Self. I am honored and graced to be apart of your journey home. 

This work is very beneficial for those who are:

  • Seeking to understand their life purpose

  • Wishing to release the past and patterns 

  • Longing to heal deep core issues and to align their life with their Highest Truth

  • Anchoring in Divine Light in their heart and seek guidance on their journey 

  • Who wish to say “YES” to their true, Divine Potential!

I am an ordained minister through Pathways of Light as well as a practitioner and teacher of Sacred Energy Healing